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Missing and stolen report for Dec. 9


Reported Dec. 9, 2014

• Missouri (West Plains), Howell County Sheriff, 417-256-2544

25 head of cattle: 18 cows, 7 bulls, taken using a red Kenworth W900L pulling a Hog/Cattle Trailer approximately 54 feet long with spread axles. A PDF that shows pictures of the truck and the person of interest can be requested from the Rural Crimes Investigative Unit at 888/484-TIPS.

• Missouri (Aurora), Lawrence County Sheriff, 417-466-2131

2 Charolais cross yearling steers, red/white, red ear tags with numbers and “Parker” on tag, LP connected brand on left hip

• Oklahoma (Custer County), Oklahoma Dept. of Ag, 405-522-6102

3 black cows, 7-10 years old, probably bred, Bar T brand on left rib, large orange ear tags in left ear factory printed numbers 717, 719 and 418.

• Colorado, Colorado Brand Inspection, 303-869-9160

Simla – 1 red xbred steer calf, 6 months old, red ear tag, G backwards E over Quarter Circle shedding brand on right rib

Limon – 1 black steer or heifer, 6 to 7 months old, Slash H lazy left Quarter Circle standing brand on left hip

Livermore – 2 black Angus cows, 3 years & 6 years, tags #1096 & #845, J lazy right over Bar over M brand on left hip

Collbran – 2 xbred black steer calves, 8 months old, B backwards M connected over Quarter Circle holding brand on left rib or left hip

Jack Andrews Pasture – 2 black and blk broc steer calves, 8 months, Slash K lazy left Slash brand and Box Bar T brand on left shoulder or left rib

Keenesburg – 1 brindle Highland cow, 5 years old, horned, bred, no brand

Wild Horse – 2 red, black or bwf cows, 1 calf, red or black steer or heifer, 450-600 pounds, L Bar over Quarter Circle holding over N backwards T upside down connected brand on left hip

Weldona – 3 black or black broc heifers & steer, 600-700 pounds, yellow eartags #118, 122, 198, 6 over Double Bar brand on left hip

Carr – 4 black cows & calves, 2 L Slash brand on left rib

Longmont – 1 reddish black Corriente steer, 2 years old, 500-550 pounds, add’l brands & ear tags, G over Horseshoe brand on left hip

Redvale – 1 Angus/Limo X black bull calf, 9-10 months old, weaned 4-5 weeks, 600-800 pounds, H T upside down over Bar brand on left shoulder

Castle Rock – 3 black yearling steers, 850-900 pounds, Slash steer head brand on left hip

Parker – 3 black yearling steers, 850-900 pounds, Slash steer head brand on left hip

Gypsum Creek – 12 pair of red or black cows & calves, 3 red or black bred heifers, Y lazy left F backwards over 2 over Bar brand on left shoulder, left rib or left hip

–Livestock Marketing Association


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