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Missing livestock list

Reported on July 11, 2016

CALIFORNIA — California Dept of Ag, 916-900-5006

Orland (Glenn County), 7/2/16- 1 Wf Cow, 3 years old, 1100 pounds, W slash on LH, no earmarks

Escalon (Calaveras County), 7/5/16- 1 Blk Bull, 5 years old, 1700 pouinds, reversed D cross lazy M all connected on LH, no earmarks

Sanger (Fresno County), 7/8/16- 30 Blk, Red steer calves, 15 months, 825 pounds, slash under curvy U

OREGON — Oregon Dept of Ag., 503-986-4681

Baker City (Union County), 6/1/16- 1 open black cow, 8 years old, 97 over quarter circle holding on LR, earmarks #9-27

Bonanza (Klamath County), 6/11/16- 1 black steer, 4 months old, 300 pounds, L upside down Y on RH, no earmarks

Jefferson (Marion County), 6/24/16- 1 black gelding horse, 9 hands tall, a few white hairs in eyebrows, no brand or earmarks

OKLAHOMA — (Osage County) — 7/7/2016 — Lab Williams, 918-433-2219

Grainola- 1 registered Black Angus bull, weight 1100 pounds, 14-15 months old, 7L on Left Hip, #32 ear tag in right ear, Blue Ball Angus Sale White tag in other, also has tattoo in both ears reading 535

KANSAS (Chase County) — 6/30/2016 — Kansas Dept of Ag, 785-564-6700

Council Grove, KS- 50 English Northern Style Steers, mainly black, few red and Charolais, C P connected brand on Left Hip, 950-1025 pounds, no tags or ear notches, missing from summer pasture 6-7 miles west of Americus

The following report has been RECOVERED.

RECOVERED- OKLAHOMA — Oklahoma Dept of Ag, 405-850-8292-RECOVERED

Woodward County, Moreland, OK, 7/1/2016, Twenty-six head of cattle, 13 cows & 13 calves, all black in color, cows weigh 1000-1100 pounds, have brand which looks like 2 half moons or half circles, one on top, the other on bottom flipped on right hip, cows have yellow tags with #21 thru #38-in no order, cow with #38 tag has huge scar on right cheek, cows are four years old; calves are black in color, 250-400 pounds, no tags or brands, but has notch in lower right ear


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