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Missing livestock report

MISSOURI (Clay County) – August 13, 2015 — Clay County Sheriff, 816-407-3726

1 Pinzgauer cow, brown and white cow, blue/green tag “Helena” handwritten in left ear, tattooed. Suspect tried to sell 3 other Pinzgauer cows that were taken at the same time, but were recovered. Please contact the Clay County Sheriff if you have any information.

NEVADA (Smokey Valley) – October 13, 2015 — Nevada Dept of Ag, 775-738-8076

5 head of cattle: black cows, WF calves; 3 cows are branded with 4A over Bar brand on left rib or left hip; notch bottom left ear, slice off end of right ear

COLORADO (Cimarron) – November 26, 2015 – Colorado Brand Board, 303-869-9160

Pueblo – 75 mixed yearling steers & heifers, heifers branded CF and steers branded TLC

Canon City – 1 Hereford cow, black/white tag #729, name on tag “Clark Moore Ranch”, Bar XL brand left rib, flying bar V flying bar brand left hip

Wolcott – 1 quarter X draft red roan gelding, 16.2 hands, 1,350 lbs, blaze, left front & left hind sock, right hind pastern, IO brand left hip

Allison – 1 2 year old black Angus heifer, split right ear, slash heart brand left rib

–Livestock Marketing Association

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