Mohnen Angus “Power of Genetics” 2014 Annual Production Sale |

Mohnen Angus “Power of Genetics” 2014 Annual Production Sale

Two generations from Richards Angus, Belfield, N.D. were on hand to see the quality bulls.

Date: Feb. 14, 2014

Location: at the ranch south of White Lake, S.D.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek and Chris Effling


106 ylg reg. Angus Bulls: $9,493

29 yrlg Simmental Bulls: $5,500

30 reg. Angus heifer calves: $3,258

17 reg. Angus cows: $4,750

Mohnen Angus 2014 Production Sale was one for the record books! This herd keeps producing genetics that go on to produce. The Mohnen’s have done this by identifying top cows in their herd that are capable of producing herd bulls.

Here was a very impressive set of cattl – including the bulls and the females. It was a cold Valentine’s Day morning, but perhaps the most impressive sight was the set of two-year-old heifers with their calves. These young cows had tremendous volume and thickness, along with neat, tight udders and small functional teats. Mohnen had again taken bulls to the 2014 Western Stock Show Carload of Bulls out at Denver.

Also on display was the bull, “Mohnen South Dakota 502.” He was the top selling bull from last year’s sale, bringing $120,000 from Semex, Dale Edwards, and Anvil Angus. He might even look better now. He is a very deep-sided, thickmade, long-bodied bull that moves around like an athlete. His calves are now on the ground and you will hear a lot more from this bull.

A very exciting, fast sale took place and produced, perhaps, the strongest Angus bull ever in South Dakota.

The lead off and top selling bull of the day was Lot 1, selling for $160,000 to Genex and Richards Angus, Belfield, N.D. He was Mohnen Impressive 1093, a son of Basin Excitement, and out of a daughter of Mohnen Brushpopper. He was a member of the Denver Carload and was a recommended heifer bull. He had EPDs of CED 11, BW 0.4, WW 63, YW 116, SC 0.88, MILK 29, CW 37, MARB 0.41, and RE 0.19. With a 79 lb. birth weight, he weaned at 899 lb. and had a yearling weight of 1,473 lb. To complete his stats, he had a ribeye of 16.0 sq. in. and a scrotal measurement of 39.22 cm.

Other high selling lots:

Angus bulls:

Lot 19 – $26,000 to Mogck & Sons, Olivet, S.D. ~ “Mohnen Heartland 953” ~ SAV Heartbeat 9222 x SAV Final Answer 0035

Lot 18 – $25,000 to Bruns & Sons Angus, Madison, S.D. and Semex, Ontario, Canada ~ “Mohnen Heartrate 533” ~ Mohnen Heartrate 1751 x Harb Windy 702 JH

Lot 43 – $19,000 to John and Josh Mohnen, White Lake, S.D.

Lot 60 – $16,000 to Jeff Anderson, Pierce, Neb.

Lot 72 – $15,000 to Jeff Anderson, Pierce, Neb.

Lot 55 – $14,000 to Bruns Angus, Madison, S.D.

Lot 26 – $14,000 to Gary & Diane Sandage, Gordon, Neb.

Simmental bulls:

Lot 117 – $10,500 to Aesoph Farms, Orient, S.D.

Lot 112 – $10,000 to Joe Koch, Stickney, S.D.

Heifer calves:

Lot 142 – $6,750 to Blaine and Cassie Mollman, McIntosh, S.D.

Lot 143 – $6,000 to Blaine and Cassie Mollman, McIntosh, S.D.

Angus cows:

Lot 184 – $9,500 to Lowell Jones, Ree Heights, S.D.

A great day for Mohnen Angus! We could see many things that reminded us of Howard Hillman and Bon View Angus. The Mohnen Angus name has become well-known among all cattlemen –- and they have the cattle to prove that recognition. Their genetics can be found working in purebred and commercial programs around the world, with many of their top bulls featured in major AI studs.


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