Mohnen Angus “Power of Genetics” 26th Annual Bull Sale |

Mohnen Angus “Power of Genetics” 26th Annual Bull Sale

Kathy and David Fuoss, Draper, SD

Date: Feb. 13, 2020

Location: at the Ranch, southwest of White Lake, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

TSLN Reps: Dan Piroutek & Dennis Ginkens


139 reg. yrlg Angus Bulls – $7,296

17 Sim-Angus Bulls – $4,300

Another big crowd gathered on a cold day, but the sun was shining. Mohnens have a large family and a good workforce. The chores are done all year long, and the sale site was ready and welcoming, with its good food, flowers, and candy. Many repeat buyers, made this sale active all day long. This was a large offering. The very top end was swept up by registered cattlemen, but the quality ran deep, and commercial cattlemen had a great selection.

Top Selling Angus:

Lot 20: Mohnen Prince 2959, recommended for heifers ~ $ 40,000 to Fuoss Angus, Draper, South Dakota – Connealy Confidence Plus x SAV Pioneer 7301

Lot 23: Mohnen Confidence Plus 3969 ~ $ 37,500 to Genex CRI, Shawano, Wisconsin – Connealy Confidence Plus x Mohnen Impressive 1093

Lot 89: Mohnen Legendary 3899 ~ $ 30,000 to Randall Grimmius, Hanford, California – Connealy Legendary 644L x SAV Resource 1441 (Mohnen Jilt)

Lot 34: Mohnen Niobrara 1429 ~ $ 25,000 to DBL Livestock, Fullerton, Nebraska – Connealy Niobrara 5451 x PVF Insight 0129 (Mohnen Jilt)

Lot 25: Mohnen Niobrara 3759 ~ $ 22,500 to Genex CRI, Shawano, Wisconsin – Connealy Niobrara 5451 x Wulffs Ext 6106 (Mohnen Jilt)

Lot 31: $ 22,000 to Babcock Angus, Long Pine, Nebraska and Steve Bass, Brewster, Nebraska – Connealy Niobrara 5451 x SAV 8180 Traveler 004

Lot 59: $ 20,000 to ST Genetics – SAV President 6847 x Mohnen Long Distance 1639

Lot 22: $ 18,000 to Richard Angus Ranch, Belfield, North Dakota – Connealy Confidence Plux x Mohnen Impressive 1093

Top Selling Sim-Angus:

Lot 143: $ 9,000 to Jonathon Durham, Marshall, Missouri – JF Rancher 222Z x JF Milestone 999W (3/4 Sim, 1/4 An)

Lot 148: $ 9,000 to Scott Bradac, Marmarth, North Dakota – KCC1 Empire 280E x TJ Sharper Image 809U (Mohnen Jilt) (1/2 Sim, 1/2 An)

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