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Mohnen Angus – "Power of Genetics"

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Courtesy photo(From left) Pat Goheen Mohnen Angus sales manager, congratulating Cristiano Leal, Marcelo Almelda Oliverira buyers of Lot 19 from CRV-USA located in Madison, WI.

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Sale: Mohnen Angus – “Power of Genetics”

Date: Feb. 10, 2012

Location: At the ranch, White Lake, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Averages: 102 yearling Angus bulls – $7,390, 19 Simm-Angus bulls – $5,644

One of the biggest crowds ever gathered for the annual Mohnen Angus production sale, at their ranch nine miles from White Lake, SD. Steve and Kathy Mohnen were on hand to welcome the cattlemen, and help prospective buyers find the right bulls for their operations.

Josh and John Mohnen are an active part of the operation, and Jared, still in college, helps out when he can. Mohnen’s have one of the outstanding cowherds in South Dakota, and this was again proven with the good selection of bulls available on sale day.

The Mohnen’s had built a brand new sale barn at their ranch, and it worked perfectly. The building is beautiful, inside and out, this helped the sale move along smoothly.

There were several bulls sold to purebred outfits, but the heart of this sale was the strong commercial acceptance of these big, stout set of bulls. This year the Mohnens also offered a few Simm-Angus bulls with large demand for them.

Top selling bull of the day was the Lot 18, he had produced a lot of attention. Genex and Lindskov-Thiel teamed up to buy this herd bull prospect for $20,000. He is the son of HA Image Maker 0415, out of a daughter of LT 598 Bando 9074 who ratioed 102 on 4 calves. His EPDs were BW -1.6, WW 60, YW 109 and Milk 31. He had an IMF of 4.82 and a rib eye area of 17.4 square inches. With a 69 pound BW, he weaned at 825 pounds and posted a yearling weight of 1591 pounds. Numbers don’t get much better than that.

CRV-USA, Madison, WI, bought Lot 72 at $19,000. He is a son of SAV Heartbeat 9222, and out of a daughter of Mohnen Brushpopper 353 who had ratioed 108 on 3 calves. He had a 91 pound BW, a WW of 837 pounds and a YW of 1610 pounds. His EPDs were: BW 2.6, WW 58, YW 112 and Milk 30.

Other high sellers:

Paul Topp, Grace City, ND bought Lot 26, Mohnen Wolf Creek 1871 (HA Image Maker 0415 x Mohnen Jilt 1283 by Boyd New Day 8005) for $17,000. His EPDs were: BW 1.3, WW 58, YW 104, Milk 31, REA 18.2 square inches.

Lot 54, Mohnen Final Answer 131 (SAV Final Answer 0035 x Mohnen Blackbird 1679 by Mohnen Brushpopper 295).He had EPDs scores of: BW -1.5, WW 57, YW 108, Milk 27, REA 17.5 square inches and IMF 3.84. Sold for $14,000 to Flesch Angus Ranch, Shelby, MT

Lot 46, Mohnen Brushpopper 295-301 (Mohnen Brushpopper 295 x TC Total 410). His EPDs were: BW -0.2, WW 59, YW 108, Milk 28, REA 19.2 square inches and IMF 5.10. Sold for $12,000 to Miller Angus Farms, St Anthony, ND.

Wiegel Angus Ranch, Kintrye ND won the highest bidder on Lot 21, Mohnen Image Maker 0415-281 (Image Maker x Mohnen Jilt 1283) His EPDs scored: BW 1.2, WW 58, YW 99, Milk 32, REA 15.8 square inches, sold for $12,000.

Semex, Canada, bid $11,000 to take home Lot 19, Mohnen Image Maker 21 ( Image Maker x Mohnen Brushpopper 295) His EPDs were: BW -0.8, WW 62, YW 108, Milk 33, REA 15.6 square inches and IMF 5.55.

The top selling Simm-Angus bull brought $16,000 from Rodney Rohde, Emerson, NE. Lot 112, He Mohnen Hulk Y2181 by JF Milestone 999W and out of, Mohnen Jilt 1655.

A super big crowd, a great noon lunch, and one of the really good bull sale that I will got to see this spring. This was a really nice way to celebrate the Mohnen’s 25th year in the Angus business.

Visit the Mohnen Ranch any time to learn more about the genetics and view their next crop calf. It will be worth your while.

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