Mom & the kid’s horse |

Mom & the kid’s horse

She was sitting on her horse amongst the branding crew

Having passed off the kids after gathering with two

The horse with a foot cocked, half asleep

After packing his three passengers with nary a peep

Then lo and behold a calf got away

No one to stop him or hold him at bay

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Except mom and her horse, typically just standersby

A nearly imperceptible gleam entered both their eyes

They eased through the trailers, coolers and crew

Bidding the well-worn title of mom and kid's horse adieu

On her way by, her dad passed up a rope

And she hit the edge of the group at ground eating lope

Over the sage and across the terrain

They flew in a way that once kept both sane

That cocky calf dancing through the prairie grass

Never knew what hit him when the pair came on fast

Like riding a bike she built and threw a loop

It landed just right and the escape plan was duped

His prancing went to dancing, and a bellering fit

And along came the helpers, nearly the whole outfit

Hot irons, vaccine guns and a wrestling crew

Quickly relieving mom and horse, imagine those two

Actually saving the day, what a surprise

And she let them take over with a smile in her eye

Turning back to the pickup corralling the smallest on the place

Horse and rider went from prancing to a sedentary pace

She passed the rope off to her dad, who winked and grinned

As a wide-eyed face exclaimed, "Mom, do it again!" F