Mont. Rep. Daines stands up for coal |

Mont. Rep. Daines stands up for coal

Key facts on Montana coal:

Montana’s coal industry supports more than 5,000 jobs.

Montana has more coal reserves than any other state and ranks number six overall in coal production nationwide.

Montana gets more than half its power from coal, keeping electricity prices low. The average retail price in Montana is currently 8.42 cents per kilowatt hour, among the lowest in the nation.

Coal provides more than $100 million in tax revenue to the state of Montana, which funds schools, infrastructure, libraries and parks.

Following a newly-announced ‘climate deal’ with China, Representative Steve Daines today called on President Obama to stop trying to unilaterally impose job-killing, anti-energy regulations on Montanans.

While imposing sharp restrictions on the U.S. economy and producers, the deal establishes minimal requirements for China that don’t take effect until 2030.

“President Obama said that his policies were on the ballot, and Montanans overwhelmingly rejected his extreme anti-coal agenda. These new unrealistic emissions reduction targets are nothing more than another unilateral attempt by President Obama to further his war on coal that is harming Montana families who rely on coal for their livelihoods and affordable energy. The President should listen to the message sent by Montanans: stop waging a war on coal and the middle class,” Daines said.

Daines, a member of the House Natural Resources Committee and Congressional Coal Caucus, has been standing with middle class Montana families against the Obama administration’s war on coal.

He introduced the Protecting Coal Jobs and Affordable Energy Act, which would stop the EPA’s regulations on coal-fired power plants from taking effect unless the government can certify that they would not kill jobs, increase electricity rates or harm the nation’s gross domestic product. F

–Congressman Daines


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