Montana: Circle L Arena plans Horse Expo for March 26-27 near Belgrade |

Montana: Circle L Arena plans Horse Expo for March 26-27 near Belgrade

Courtesy photoRandy Rieman of Dillon, MT, is one of Circle L Arena's key clinicians for the Expo.

With a roster of featured speakers and an indoor arena filled with equine industry exhibitors, the fourth annual 2011 Circle L Horse Expo is ready to roll on March 26-27.

This free annual event, which draws horsemen from throughout the region, continues to build momentum each year according to Rod Cline, owner of this busy arena on Spain Bridge Road near Belgrade, MT.

“It continues to expand and the interest grows,” Cline said. “We expect it to be bigger and better than ever this March.” Last year more than 800 people attended the expo, which is organized to provide current information on training horses and starting colts, horsemanship and horse care to the greater Montana horse community.

Along with the technical presentations, the Expo features new and used tack, food vendors, ranch equipment, a private treaty horse sale, farm and ranch equipment, hat shaping, and western arts and crafts.

The key clinicians this year are Randy Rieman of Dillon, MT; Kathy Valentine of Victor, MT; and Jeremy Young of Columbus, MT.

After 20 years of colts, clinics and travel, Rieman and his wife, Kim, are back home in Montana and have started the Pioneer Mountain Ranch for people seeking to improve their horse handling skills.

Rieman spent years making his living horseback from cow-calf operations and grazing associations in Montana to stocker operations in Nevada and California. After several years of working with some of this generation’s finest horsemen, Randy spent nine years starting hundreds of colts for the Parker Ranch in Hawaii.

Valentine, the founder of the Hart Centered Horsemanship program in Victor, has been teaching horsemanship for more than two decades. During her program on March 26, she will demonstrate how horsemen can communicate through the reins and how important it is to have a solid foundation of training for both trail and the show ring. She also plans to talk about body language and how it relates to both horses and everyday life. On Sunday, March 27, her program will include a trailer loading demonstration.

Valentine gives both horsemanship and performance communications seminars throughout the west. She is a John Lyons Certified Instructor and a certified performance coach. This spring she is a featured clinician at Equine Affaire in Pomona, CA.

Jeremy Young was raised on a working cattle and horse ranch in southern Montana and started training horses at an early age. He has apprenticed with top clinicians and now trains at the Keyser Creek Arena in Columbus, MT.

In addition to horsemanship clinics, the daily schedule includes technical presentations to horsemen by veterinarians, a farrier and a stock dog trainer.

Dr. Ellis Farstvedt, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS, is presenting the educational program for the CSR Equine Sports Medicine Center on Saturday at 9 a.m. and on Sunday at 11:30 a.m. Farstvedt is the director of veterinary services at this regional equine facility and a board certified surgeon. On Saturday at 11:30 a.m., Kyd Kelly will present a seminar on hoof care. It is followed by John Rose of Three Forks with a stock dog demonstration.

On Sunday, at 9 a.m., All West Veterinary Hospital of Bozeman is offering a program on platelet-rich plasma treatment.

For additional information, contact Rod Cline at 406-581-0697 or Lisa Armstrong at 406-570-5711, or visit

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