Montana deer and elk permit deadline is March 15 |

Montana deer and elk permit deadline is March 15

March 15 is the deadline to apply for Montana’s 2016 deer and elk hunting permits. An updated and easy-to-use 10-page application packet is available online at Paper applications are also available from most license providers and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks offices.

All deer and elk regulations became final at February’s Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting. Many quotas in the first edition of the Permit Application Packet were listed as pending commission approval. Those quotas have been adopted. Hard copies of the Permit Application Packets are available at FWP offices.

New to this year’s March 15 application packet will be antlerless elk permits in select hunting districts in FWP regions 2 and 3. These permits will allow a general elk license holder the opportunity of harvesting an antlerless elk. While this is not a permit for a second animal, it expands a permit holder’s opportunity with a general season elk license. Holders of the antlerless permits are reminded they cannot, in most instances, use their general license for an antlered elk in the same district in which the permit is valid. Antlerless elk permit holders can also still apply for an elk B license by the deadline June 1.

Applicants will need a deer or elk license in order to apply for a special permit. Like the bull elk and buck deer permits, the application deadline for antlerless elk permits is also March 15.

Nonresidents who wish to apply for big game combination, elk combination or deer combination licenses and deer and elk permits for the 2016 fall Montana hunting season can also apply online or download an application from FWP’s website.

To request an application by mail, write to: Licensing Section; Montana FWP; P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT; 59620-0701; or call: 406-444-2950. The application deadline is March 15. Successful applicants will receive their permits in mid-April.

May 2 is the deadline to apply for moose, bighorn sheep, bison and mountain goat licenses available through a drawing. Applications must be in by June 1 for antlerless deer B, elk B, antelope and antelope B licenses.


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