Montana Hereford Influenced Feeder Calf sale results |

Montana Hereford Influenced Feeder Calf sale results

Over $750,000 worth of feeder calves sold Nov. 17 through the annual Montana Hereford Association (MHA) Hereford Influenced Feeder Calf sale. Twenty-seven consignors sold 1,091 head at the sale, held at Headwaters Livestock Auction Yard in Three Forks, MT.

In comparing the results of the MHA sale to same day auction results in Billings, MT, price ranges for the Hereford-influenced sale of 500-, 600- and 700-weight steers and 500- and 700-weight heifers exceeded those of the cattle sold in Billings. The 600-weight heifers sold on par with their Billings sale counterparts. The 400-weight steers sold a little bit lower at the MHA sale.

When comparing the MHA sale to the USDA Montana sale averages for the week, the average price for the Hereford-influenced calves fell within the week’s price range for all weight groups except for 400-weight steers, which sold a little bit lower than the market for the week. In all, 13 buyers purchased animals at the sale.

This was the second feeder calf sale sponsored by MHA. The Montana Growth through Agriculture program has provided grant funds for two years to offset some of the sale expenses in hopes of getting the sale firmly established and financially independent. Jerry Gereghty is the chairman of the MHA Feeder Calf Sale committee.

In order to sell through the MHA Hereford Influenced sale, calves need to be at least 50 percent Hereford; the other 50 percent being of British breeding (Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn), dehorned and steered if applicable. Though not a requirement of the sale, producers are encouraged to age- and source-verify their calves and have them weaned for 45 days with appropriate vaccination and worming protocol. Hereford verified EID tags are encouraged even if not age- and source-verified.

A pre-sale dinner was held the evening of Nov. 16. Danny Herrmann, Ford County feedyard, gave a presentation about feedlot carcass and medical treatment data and was able to give individual performance data to several breeders who sold cattle at the 2009 MHA sale. Lily Brogger, NILE Merit Heifer Program Ambassador, spoke about the NILE Merit Heifer program. The annual meeting of the Montana Hereford Association was held after dinner.


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