Montana: Important Dates for Hunters |

Montana: Important Dates for Hunters

Fall is right around the corner and as we all gear up for hunting season we want to remind everyone of important dates coming up. Also, don’t forget to check out the Hunt Planner online. You can begin planning your hunt using either a regional map by species or go right to the hunting district information you are interested in.

Aug. 15- 900 archery season opened

Aug. 19 – Special Mountain Lion drawing was held

Sept. 1 – Turkey and Upland Game Bird (excluding Pheasants) Season Opens, Special Permit Sandhill Crane Opening

Sept. 7 – Archery Antelope, Archery Bighorn Sheep, Deer & Elk Archery, Mountain Lion Archery without Hounds Opening, Archery Black Bear, Wolf Archery Opening

Sept. 15 – Fall Black Bear, General Big Horn Sheep, Backcountry Deer & Elk (HD’S 150, 151, 280, 316), Mountain Goat, Moose Opening, General Wolf Opening

Sept. 18 – Falconry Central Flyaway- Zone 1& 2 Opening

Sept. 21 – Upland & Waterfowl Youth Weekend

Sept. 28 – Duck & Coot Zone 1& 2 Central Flyaway, Duck & Coot & Falconry & Scaup Pacific Flyaway, OTC Sandhill, Tundra Swan Permit, Crane Opening

Sept. 30 – Last day to purchase bonus point

Oct. 12 – Antelope General Opening, Pheasant Opening

Oct. 17 Two-Day Youth Deer Hunt

Nov. 15 – Bison Opening

Oct. 26 – Mountain Lion Fall without Hound Opening

–Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks