Montana vet suggests bison hunting in Yellowstone Park |

Montana vet suggests bison hunting in Yellowstone Park

A Reuters story says that the Montana state state veterinarian has suggested that the hunting of bison inside Yellowstone National Park be allowed as a means of maintaining manageable numbers. This would be the first for the first time in its 142 years that such an action would be approved.

Marty Zaluski, Montana state vet and member of a federal, state and tribal team that oversees bison in and around Yellowstone, said hunts in the park of the nation’s last purebred herd of bison would lessen management conflicts.

“I don’t have rose-colored glasses but I see many potential benefits to hunting in the park,” he said.

Yellowstone bison, also known as buffalo, are a key attraction for the millions who visit the park each year. But the animals run into trouble in harsh winters when they leave the deep snowpack in the mountains in search of feed in lower elevations in Montana, the story said. Local ranchers worry about brucellosis being passed from the bison to their cattle. The disease causes abortions in pregnat cows. F

–staff reports

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