Montana Wild Bunch holds Cowboy Mounted Shooting events |

Montana Wild Bunch holds Cowboy Mounted Shooting events

The Montana Wild Bunch held a cowboy Mounted shooting competition at Three Forks and Gallatin Gateway, July 17-18, before the upcoming Montana State Championships.

The Montana Championships, sanctioned by the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association, are scheduled for the Headwaters Community Fairgrounds in Three Forks, Aug. 19-20.

The annual event draws contestants from a number of western states that are involved in this fast growing sport.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting combines running patterns at fast speeds with shooting balloons with .45 long colt revolvers and rifles.

Information on the upcoming Montana State Championships and other mounted shooting competition can be obtained by contacting Suzy Beauregard, president of the Montana Wild Bunch at 406-763-4456.

During the Three Forks and Gallatin Gateway events, over $1,455 was paid out to competing contestants.

Three Forks Rodeo Cowboy Mounted Shooting Results, July 17

Placing, name, city, time, points

1. Skip Neuman, Powers, 60.82 seconds, 32 points; 2. Nicole Singbell, Powell, 61.225, 30 points; 3. Suzy Beauregard, Gallatin Gateway, 65.496, 28 points; 4. Elizabeth Kluesener, Bozeman, 68.485, 26 points; 5. Jim Nelson, Belgrade, 69.38, 24 points; 6. Amber Phillips, Hamilton, 73.46, 22 points; 7. Joe Hartkopf, Lavina, 73.70, 20 points; 8. Alan Clark, Joliet, 74.84, 18 points; 9. Wendy Quinn, Absarokee, 75.79, 16 points; 10. JD Hamm, Bozeman, 76.81, 14 points; 11. Angie Clark, Joliet, 77.25, 12 points; 12. Collette Newuman, Powers, 81.73, 10 points; 13. Teri High, Bozeman, 82.44, 8 points; 14. Mike Lukenbill, Clyde Park, 84.45, 6 points; 16. Sara Tharp, 112.11, 2 points.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Gallatin Gateway Overall Results

1. Teri High, Bozeman, 72.032; 2. Collette Neuman, Vaughn, 96.92; 3. Skip Neuman Vaughn, 96.92; 4. Jim Nelson, Belgrade, 97.54; 5. Angie Clark, Joliet, 100.51; 6. Suzy Beauregard, Gallatin Gateway, 101.67; 7. Mike Lukenbill, Clyde Park, 102.29; 8. Allan Clark, Joliet, 107.77; 9. Candiss Jett-Walsh, Belgrade, 109.37; 10. Joe Hartkopf, Lavina, 114.79; 11. Sara Tharp, 115.46; 12. Elizabeth Kluesener, Bozeman, 116.66; 13. Nicole Singbell, Powell, 119.57; 14. JD Hamm, Bozeman, 128.75.

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