Montana Wool Growers: Showcase at MATE show is educational |

Montana Wool Growers: Showcase at MATE show is educational

Courtesy photoThe Montana Wool Growers will have a booth at the 2011 MATE show, Feb. 17-19, at MetraPark, Billings, MT.

The Montana Wool Growers Association has been a long time exhibitor of the MATE Show. The purpose of their booth is to talk to show attendees about the work and purpose of the organization as well as raise money for their college scholarships through the sale of raffle tickets for items like a gun, artwork and jewelry.

This year, however, the Montana Wool Growers will be providing a different spin to their booth. In a new expanded booth that will be located in the Montana Pavilion, you can stop by their booth and watch demonstrations on spinning wool. While the demonstrations will feature the old fashion wool spinning wheels, the concept is still the same for wool being spun into yarn. For those interested, you can even try your hand at spinning wool.

The products being displayed in the booth doesn’t stop at just wool spinning. Exhibitors are invited to learn about the entire process of wool from sheep to fabric as well as products like lanolin that is a byproduct of the wool after being harvest from the sheep each year. “We are always surprised that people do not realize lanolin comes from the wool and not the physical sheep itself, in fact that sheep is not harmed,” said Shirley Halverson with the Montana Wool Growers. Also featured in the booth will be a display from Montana State University on all of the products that come from wool.

While the Montana Wool Growers Association booth will not be “wild” it will be “wooly,” offering a variety of demonstrations and educational components about wool. This year you can find the Montana Wool Growers in the Montana Pavilion in booth #26.