More than $500K raised for ‘Atlas’ relief |

More than $500K raised for ‘Atlas’ relief

Auction barns across Tri-State Livestock News country have gone above and beyond the call of duty by hosting rollover auctions, making donations from their own accounts and sponsoring additional fundraisers for the rancher relief fund following the devastating October “Atas” blizzard. While many of the barns hosted their own events, a good share of them partnered with First Interstate Bank to host rollover auctions in which the bank purchased a heifer calf from a consignor, donated the heifer back to be sold in “rollover” style, and all funds were donated to the rancher relief fund.

First Interstate Bank representatives made a presentation Jan. 8, 2013, to the account managers of the relief fund and the S.D. Stockgrowers Association. The check was made out for $542,725.04, pushing the relief fund total to the $4 million mark.

“It is amazing that we were able to leverage our initial donation with all of our partners, sale barns, ranchers and businesses in our bank’s regional footprint and beyond to raise $542,725.04,” said Commercial Bank Market President Shawn Rost “We want to thank all of them for their generous support. This exemplifies our core value of neighbors helping neighbors in a place we call home. Thanks to everyone who made a difference to these families devastated by the October blizzard,” he added.

Silvia Christen, South Dakota Stockgrowers Association Executive Director said, “We can’t say enough about all the wonderful donations and support that the Ranchers Relief Fund has received from across the region through efforts like the First Interstate Bank Rollover auctions. This donation will put our fund well over $4 million mark and will do a lot to help the families affected by the blizzard.”

“The fund has already distributed money to ranch families who suffered losses and we’re now taking time to review the nearly 600 applications and nominations to make sure we do the best we can to get this money out to the families who need it the most. It’s a bit overwhelming to realize that we have nearly 600 families impacted by this storm, but the many donations to the Ranchers Relief Fund are making it possible to help many of them rebuild their lives and their ranches.” F