Mowry Ranch bull sale to feature inside information from IGENITY profile |

Mowry Ranch bull sale to feature inside information from IGENITY profile

PRESHO, SD – Cattle producers have the chance to put the power of DNA to work to help make more confident selection and purchasing decisions at the Mowry Ranch Range Ready Bull Sale. All 60 Angus bulls in the 17th annual sale will have results from the comprehensive IGENITY profile. Producers will have a chance to purchase these bulls on May 1, at 1 p.m. CDT at the Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction in Ft. Pierre, SD.

With IGENITY producers can get inside information about more than 15 economically important traits. Producers can apply this information to help make more confident selection decisions and faster genetic progress based on their individual herd goals.

“The comprehensive IGENITY profile allows producers to select and manage the traits that are most important to them, several of which are difficult, if not impossible, to measure with any other management tool,” says Zac Hall, IGENITY sales representative. “Producers can use this inside information to purchase sires or replacement heifers with more confidence knowing cattle excel in traits that are important their specific operation.”

Information from IGENITY is presented on an easy-to-understand 1-to-10 scale for each trait. A higher score means more of the respective trait. For example, a higher score for tenderness means a more tender carcass. However higher score is not always favorable. A higher score for yield grade, for example, equates to a higher USDA yield grade, which is less desirable. Scores from IGENITY will be presented along with performance information on the bulls in the Mowry Ranch sale.

“In addition to providing the information from IGENITY for more than 15 economically important traits, Mowry Ranch has provided the group’s average scores as they compare with the Angus breed,” Hall says. “The bulls in the Mowry sale average almost two points higher than the breed average for tenderness, which means these sires excel in their genetic potential to produce tender cattle.”

All of the sires in the sale also have tested negative for persistent infections (PI) of the bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus.

IGENITY offers analyses for:

– Residual feed intake

– Average daily gain

– Tenderness

– Marbling

– Quality grade

– Yield grade

– Fat thickness

– Ribeye area

– Heifer pregnancy rate – Stayability (longevity)

– Calving ease

– Docility

– Myostatin

– Arthrogryposis Multiplex

– Coat color

– Breed-specific horned/polled

– Multisire parentage

– BVD-PI diagnostic test

For more information about IGENITY, visit or call Hall at (701) 426-0285. For more information about the 17th Annual Mowry Ranches Range Ready Bull sale, contact Craig Mowry at (605) 895-2208 or (605) 530-1238.

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