Mrnak Herefords Annual Bull and Female Sale |

Mrnak Herefords Annual Bull and Female Sale

MH 2249, the sale's other $15,000 bull was selected by Klein Herefords of Scranton, N.D.

Date: Sunday Feb. 9, 2014

Location: Bowman Livestock Auction, Bowman, N.D.

Auctioneers: Seth Weishaar and Scott Weishaar

Reported by: Chris Effling

86 2 yr. old bulls: $7,454

70 reg heifer calves: $1,708

331 commercial heifer calves: $1,414

The Mrnak crew of Wayne, Terry, Brent, and Andy, held their sale on one of the nicer days you could have in early Februaury. I have always enjoyed working with this family and their good cattle. The Mrnak’s have always scoured the country looking for the best genetics they could find that fit their “type” of cattle that work for their customers. These cattle are rugged made with frame, bone, length, and have as much muscle as you dare put in cattle. The Mrnak’s had lots of new faces at this years sale, and it showed in the results of the sale. The Bowman Auction Market was filled with friends, family and customers alike. If you don’t want to go to buy cattle, the meal is excellent, I highly recommend the sour cream and raisin bars. I think I had 5. Congratulations to the Mrnaks on an the best sale ever, the bull’s average was up $2,700.

There were a pair of bulls that topped the sale at $15,000. Lot 299 sold to KMK Herefords of Grey Eagle, M.N. He is a son of MH Monument 3147 and out of a Boomer 29F daughter. This thick made, attractive made bull had a balanced set of EPD’s , 4.3 bw, 57 ww, 98 yw, and 24 on milk. He is in the top 5 percent for weaning and yearling EPD’s, and top 10 percent for milk and growth.

Lot 2249 was selected by Klein Herefords of Scranton, N.D. This heifer/growth bull had as good of an EPD profile, in terms of spread, as you can lay on one. His .9 bw, 48 ww, 91 yw and 29 milk EPD’s were backed up with real performance numbers. He ratioed 117 at weaning and continued his growth, to ratio 118 at a year against his contemporaries.

Lot 2186 brought $14,500 to Dunn Ranch LLC of Scranton, N.D. This rugged made, beef machine is sired by Dakota Lad 6238 and puts weaning weight, milk, milk and growth, and CHB indexes in the top 10 percent of the breed, and a yearling EPD in the top 5 percent.

Lot 2169 was selected by Scott Katus, Watauga, S.D. I hate to sound redundant, but again another rugged made, growthy bull with big time growth and carcass numbers. This bull has weaning and yearling numbers in the extreme top 1 percent of the breed, with a 73 ww, and a 148 yw EPD. Scott gave $14,000 for this herd bull.

Larry Stangle of Marsland, Neb., selected lot 2210 for $13,500. This is another bull that has an excellent data profile. He is sired by Dakota Lad 6238, and combines a 3.5 bw, 60 ww, 103 yw and a 31 milk EPD. This bull is backed by a great producing cow, as he ratioed 120 at weaning, 115 at yearling, and has a maternal brother working in the good Dvorak Hereford program.

The registered heifers topped out at $10,250. Lot 3118 was selected by Ryan and Kesha Nichols of Bowman, N.D. This March 29, 2013 daughter of 100W combined EPD’S of 3.3 bw, 55 ww, 100 yw, and a 30 milk EPD.

The market on the commercial heifers was steady and good, with heifers staying locally and going out of state.