China pressed for trade deal

Recently, U.S. Sen. Steve Daines traveled to China to urge leaders to reach an agreement to end the trade war that has been impacting Montana ranchers. Daines brought with him letters from Montana Stockgrowers Association, Montana Grain Growers Association, and Montana Wool Growers Association.

MSGA’s letter expresses our hope of finalizing a mutually beneficial trade agreement that expands access for our beef industry. The letter, in its entirety, is below:

The Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) represents over two thousand ranchers in what is the seventh largest cow-calf producing state in the U.S. Montana is proud to raise some of the most sought-after beef and cattle genetics in the world today.

It is critical to MSGA and the entire U.S. beef industry that steps are taken to finalize a mutually beneficial trade agreement that expands access for our beef industry. There was strong support when China lifted its 13-year ban on imports of American beef, but it is imperative to continue efforts to eliminate these types of tariff barriers. MSGA is working closely with U.S. Senator Steve Daines to identify opportunities to help supply China’s consumers with Montana superior beef products and further develop the trading relationship between Montana and China.

The U.S. beef supply is the safest, most regulated and revered in the entire world. MSGA is extremely proud of all that has been done in the U.S. to keep beef safe. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to our beef, which ensures that Montana’s cow-calf producers remain profitable and competitive in today’s global market. If you have any questions please contact our office at +1-406-442-3420 or email our Executive Vice President Jay Bodner at


Fred Wacker, President

Montana Stockgrowers Association