MSU paper explains practices for managing herbicide-resistant kochia |

MSU paper explains practices for managing herbicide-resistant kochia

Montana State University Extension has a new research bulletin on glyphosate-resistant kochia. The guide outlines best management practices and herbicide recommendations for growers, and it is available from MSU Extension at no cost.

“Glyphosate-resistant Kochia in Montana,” gives an introduction to kochia weed biology and helps readers understand the development and spread of the evolutionary weed, and the best practices to contain and manage herbicide-resistant weed populations. Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum herbicide, known as Roundup, or by other generic names.

Authors Prashant Jha, weed scientist at the Montana State University Southern Agricultural Research Center, and Kent McVay, Extension cropping systems agronomist, included full-color photos in the eight-page guide that shows full-grown plants, close-up leaves and field growth characteristics to aid in identification. The publication was printed in part with funding obtained from Montana Wheat and Barley Committee.

“It is important for growers to combat herbicide-resistant kochia with as many tools as they can now to mitigate the risk of further spread in Montana,” said Jha. Furthermore, development of kochia populations with stacked/multiple resistance to two or more herbicide groups would be a concern for growers, if not managed proactively, he said.

The glyphosate-resistant kochia bulletin is free, and can be ordered from Montana State University Extension Publications at 406-994-3273, or at or downloaded at

–MSU Extension