Montana predator control plan comments are due October 14 |

Montana predator control plan comments are due October 14

Montana residents have until October 14 to comment on a predator management plan published by USDA Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service or APHIS.

The EA or Environmental Assessment looks at alternatives for reducing damage to livestock, agricultural resources and property, and risks to human health and safety caused by predators, according to the Northern Ag Network.

According to John E. Steuber, Montana Wildlife Services State Director, the preferred alternative would be to continue the current integrated predator damage management program in Montana that currently looks at both nonlethal and lethal methods to prevent or reduce damages by predators, said the NAN story.

From the assessment:

“When appropriate, nonlethal methods, such as physical exclusion, habitat modification, or harassment would be recommended or utilized to reduce damage. In other situations, wildlife could be removed as humanely as practicable by shooting, trapping, using registered pesticides, and other methods. In determining the damage management strategy, preference would be given to practical and effective nonlethal methods. Nonlethal methods may not always be applied as a first response to each damage problem based on the nature of the problem and practices already implemented by the landowner/manager. The most appropriate response would often be a combination of nonlethal and lethal methods but could include instances where application of lethal methods alone would be the most appropriate strategy (e.g., risks to human health and safety).”

Go here to read the EA and to comment.

As of Sept. 30, there were 24 comments online.

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