Mt. Rushmore Angus Ranch 54th Annual Bull Sale |

Mt. Rushmore Angus Ranch 54th Annual Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk, Dan Piroutek

Date of Sale: Feb. 26, 2020

Location: Sale held at the ranch south east of Rapid City, SD

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar


118 Yearling Angus Bulls – $4,676

This was the best set of bulls that the crew at Mt. Rushmore Angus has offered to date. Bulls with extra thickness, depth and length were paraded on front of the buyers all day and were readily bid on and purchased by the great crowd on hand for the sale. There were several new buyers at the sale and they liked the bulls that brothers Eddie & Marty Rypkema and their families along with herdsman David Uhrig had to offer.

The top selling bull was lot 1, MRA Advocate 9035, a 1/19 son of KG Justified 3023 with epds of CED 9 BW -0.4 WW 69 YW 127 Milk 34. This bull had an adj. 205 day wt. of 765 lb., 365 wt. of 1437 lb. Selling to Green Mt. Angus Ranch, Ryegate, Montana, and Ravellette Cattle, Philip, South Dakota, for $25,000.

Lot 60, MRA Recharge 9276, a 1/19 son of SAV Recharge 3436 with epds of CED 0 BW 4.0 WW 86 YW 152 Milk 27 sold to Thompson Angus, Kyntyre, North Dakota, for $13,000.

Lot 56, MRA Resource 9324, a 2/19 son of SAV Resource 1441, epds CED 1 BW 4.7 WW 86 YW 161 Milk 26 sold to Flag Ranch, Torrington, Wyoming, at $10,000.

Lot 5, MRA Justified 9038, a 1/19 son of KG Justified 3032, epds CED 10 BW -2.1 WW 70 YW 120 Milk 25 to Payco Holecek, Bowman, North Dakota, for $9,000.

Lot 123, MRA Seedstock 9348, a 2/19 son of SAV Seedstock 4838, epds CED 11 BW 1.2 WW 66 YW 119 Milk 16 to Clemmons Ranch, Rapid City, South Dakota, for $8,000.

Lot 34, MRA Profound 9085, a 1/19 son of Haynes Outright 452, epds CED 12 BW -1.3 WW 61 YW 106 Milk 23 sold to Miller Angus, Bruce, South Dakota, for $7,750.

As usual the hospitality shown by Mt. Rushmore Angus is second to none and the beef brisket served for lunch was excellent.