Mytty Angus Ranch Production Bull Sale |

Mytty Angus Ranch Production Bull Sale

The Mytty bulls looked in good condition on sale day.

Date: Nov. 14, 2017

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Location: Stevensville, MT

Reported By: Dixon Scott


105 Long Yearling Summer Bulls – $4,010

Top Lots

Lot 6 $11,000 to Wittkopp Angus, Circle, Montana; Mytty Cavalry 6318; 5/7/16; Mytty Cavalry 3205 x Sitz Upward 307R.

Lot 1 $8,000 to Shotgun Ranch, Post, Oregon; Mytty Resource 6314; 5/7/16; SAV Resource x BAR EXT Traveler 205.

Lot 3 $8,000 to John and Debbie Questo, Ione, California; Mytty Resource 6249; 5/2/16; SAV Resource x Rito 4L6 of 2536 208.

Lot 37 $8,000 to Ed Stuivenga, Stites, Idaho; Mytty High Ground 6283; 5/4/16; SAV High Ground 4921 x Sitz New Design 458N.

Lot 15 $7,500 to Bill Brennan, Pony, Montana; Mytty Resource 6337; 5/9/16; SAV Resource x Sitz Dimension 8607.

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