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N.D. 4-Her wins national trap shooting contest

Nathan Lorenz of Ramsey County is the 2018 national champion in trap shooting.

He also led his Ramsey County shotgun team to a sixth place finish overall at the recent 2018 4-H National Shooting Sports Championships in Grand Island, Neb.

Participants in the 4-H National Championships were required to participate in 3-D, World Federation Field Archery and a half-field round of National Field Archery Association archery.

The shotgun events included trap, skeet and sporting clays. Participants earned individual and team awards for the top 10 placings in the discipline for each day and overall match awards.

The North Dakota 4-H shooting sports team was represented by competitors who qualified in the 2017 North Dakota State Championships in shotgun and archery. Each team consists of four members who compete in their qualifying discipline.

Members of the Ramsey County shotgun team were Ordale Morstad, Forrest Hanson, Nathan Lorenz and Josh White.

North Dakota also sent an archery team to the National Championships. Team members were Will Peckham and Landon Sprague of Stutsman County, Thomas Mitchell of Pembina County and Kail Larsen of Stark-Billings County.

Sporting Clays

Day One results:

Team ranking – 10th place

Morstad – 12th place

Hanson – 41st place

Lorenz – 56th place

White – 82nd place

Day Two results in skeet:

Team ranking – fourth place

Lorenz – 11th place

Morstad – tied for 15th place

Hanson – tied for 19th place

White – tied for 41st place


Lorenz – first place

White – 35th place

Morstad – 41st place

Hanson – 45th place


Day One results:

Team ranking – 15th place

Peckham – 41st place

Mitchell – 48th place

Larsen – 50th place

Sprague – 76th place

Field archery:

Team ranking – 17th place

Mitchell – 19th place

Larsen – 53rd place

Peckham – 62nd place

Sprague – 68th place


Team ranking – 15th place

Larsen – 37th place

Mitchell – 41st place

Sprague – 57th place

Peckham – 80th place

Shotgun team individual results:

Morstad – 14th place

Lorenz – 18th place

Hanson – 31st place

White – 59th place

Overall archery results:

Team ranking – 14th place

Mitchell – 34th place

Larsen – 42nd place

Peckham – 66th place

Sprague – 67th place

Shooting sports is sponsored by Scheels, a supporter of the North Dakota 4-H Foundation.

–NDSU Extension

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