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N.D. Jan. 1 sheep and goat inventory

All sheep and lamb inventory in North Dakota on Jan. 1, 2014, totaled a record low 66,000 head, down 8,000 head from last year, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Breeding sheep inventory totaled a record low 50,000 head, down 5,000 head from last year. Ewes one year and older totaled a record low 41,000 head, down 3,000 head from the previous year. Rams one year and older remained unchanged from last year’s 2,000 head. Total replacement lambs totaled a record low 7,000 head, down 2,000 head from the previous year.

Market sheep and lambs totaled 16,000 head, down 3,000 head from last year. A total of 1,000 head were mature sheep (one year and older) while the remaining 15,000 were under one year. Market lamb weight groups were estimated as follows: 1,000 lambs were under 65 pounds; 3,000 were 65-84 pounds; 6,000 were 85-105 pounds; 5,000 were over 105 pounds.

The 2013 lamb crop totaled a record low 55,000 head, down from 60,000 in 2012. The 2013 lambing rate was 125 per 100 ewes one year and older, compared with 130 per 100 ewes in 2012.

Shorn wool production during 2013 was a record low 490,000 pounds, down 30,000 pounds from 2012. Sheep and lambs shorn totaled 60,000 head, down 5,000 head from 2012. The average price paid for wool sold in 2013 was $1.25 per pound, compared with $1.45 in 2012. The total value of wool produced in North Dakota was $613,000 in 2013.

All meat and other goat and kid inventory in North Dakota totaled 2,800 head on January 1, 2014, up 300 head from last year.

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–USDA National Ag Statistics


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