N. Dakota Governor recognizes progress in dealing with rail traffic delays

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring applauds Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) for their largest investment ever in North Dakota’s infrastructure to aid in alleviating shipping backlogs.

“This announcement will certainly help, but we need to remain focused on helping farmers get their product to market in a reasonable time frame,” Goehring said. “BNSF is the largest transporter of grain in the U.S. and this will make a significant impact.”

The company reports that more than $160 million is budgeted to install a double track line from Minot to Glasgow, Montana. The double rail line will serve to expand capacity and ease flow of rail traffic headed to the Pacific Northwest and beyond to international destinations.

Goehring said this is an important step forward, but there is more to be done to deal with the problems that the agriculture industry is experiencing with extreme delays.

–Governor Goehring