National FFA Week explores ‘Infinite Potential’ Feb. 19-26 |

National FFA Week explores ‘Infinite Potential’ Feb. 19-26

INDIANAPOLIS – The National FFA Organization will celebrate National FFA Week Feb. 19-26, 2011. Infinite Potential is the theme this year and members are encouraged to envision, discover and achieve their potential within their communities.

“In order to feed a growing population our organization must do more,” explained Riley Pagett, national FFA president, “FFA members have Infinite Potential and have potential to do great things even beyond their FFA careers.”

The week of George Washington’s birthday was designated by the organization as National FFA Week in 1947. “George Washington made a lot of contributions to agriculture and the development of the United States,” explained Landan Schaffert, national FFA secretary. “He had a very diligent work ethic, an honest character and also was very good at record keeping. Those are all things that we hope for our members to accomplish in the National FFA Organization.”

During the week, national officers will travel to different parts of the country to visit FFA members, participate in special events and meet with leaders of the agriculture industry. Individual chapters initiate events throughout the week to promote FFA and agriculture in their classrooms and communities. Events include community service projects, educational lessons for elementary students and promotional programs for students, teachers and alumni.

National FFA Week is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and Carhartt as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. For more information about National FFA Week, visit

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