Nat’l Women’s Leadership conference focuses on ag promotion |

Nat’l Women’s Leadership conference focuses on ag promotion

Lillian Ostendorf, a Powderville, Mont., rancher who serves as western representative on the American Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee, recently attended the Women’s Leadership Committee Chairs/Promotion and Education Committee (P&E) Conference in Washington, D.C. She was joined by Debbie Bricker, district 3 chair of the Montana Women’s Leadership Committee (WLC) who was representing Montana at the event.

This was the first time the WLC state chairs’ meeting was held in conjunction with the state Promotion and Education Committees. “Our Women’s Leadership Committee and the people in P&E are all on the same page as to helping educate consumers about agriculture,” noted Ostendorf. “It’s going to work out well to be able to share projects and work together.”

The AFBF WLC new program, Our Food Link, was launched at the meeting, with the women receiving tool kits to bring public agricultural education at home. The first project of Our Food Link was a visit to the American History Museum where the women toured the current food exhibit and visited with the museum’s visitors, talking to them about food and agriculture.

“They will have a module that simulates driving a tractor and what you’re seeing out the cab window, so they wanted to know if a farmer was looking at a monitor in his tractor, what would he see on that monitor besides ground speed and bushels per acre?” Bricker said. “The women in leadership roles in Farm Bureau are very well informed and very involved,” noted Bricker. “They work on and off the farm, they work with their state Ag in the Classroom programs and participate in all of the WLC activities. They are very supportive of agriculture and are doing their best to inform the non-farming public about the work done by farmers and ranchers to put food on the table.” F

–Montana Farm Bureau