NCBA opposes Farm Bill |

NCBA opposes Farm Bill

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association announced Jan. 28, that they will oppose the Agricultural Act of 2014, the farm bill conference report. NCBA sent a letter to the Hill, expressing our opposition to the bill. The following is a statement by Scott George, NCBA president and Cody, Wyoming cattleman:

“NCBA has worked on this farm bill for over three years now. First as the 2012 Farm Bill, then the 2013, and now with the actions of a few in Congress, it has become the 2014 Farm Bill. After all of this, the bill that the conference committee released Monday is not one that addresses the priority issues that our members had for this farm bill.

“We are calling on Congress to fix the mistakes they have made, mistakes that are costing cattlemen and women money every day. Mistakes like Mandatory Country-of-Origin Labeling, which has already resulted in steep discounts to our producers and caused prejudice against our largest trading partners. This program was created without the consent of producers and has been a failure by every measure.

“We are disappointed in all members of Congress and especially the members of the Conference Committee for allowing this process to go this far without a solution. Failure to fix MCOOL at this juncture will lead to retaliatory tariffs on a host of commodities and it is only a matter of time before the World Trade Organization rules in favor of Canada and Mexico. Once that happens, producers will realize the full costs of this failed legislation.

“This farm bill is foundationally flawed and the livestock sector is standing shoulder-to-shoulder in opposition of a farm bill that will only serve to cause greater harm to rural America.”

For a complete list of commodities on the Canadian retaliatory list, click here. For the commodities on the Mexican retaliatory list, go here:





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