NCBA: TPP delay in Atlanta unacceptable for beef producers |

NCBA: TPP delay in Atlanta unacceptable for beef producers

Statement by NCBA President Philip Ellis regarding the ongoing Trans-Pacific Trade negotiations:

“The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is greatly disappointed that Trade Ministers of the Trans Pacific Partnership countries have not yet reached an agreement and successfully concluded the negotiations held in Atlanta, Ga. For U.S. beef producers, every day that passes is a lost opportunity in terms of leveling the playing field with our competitors. America can no longer afford to wait another six weeks or six months in hopes of finding a better deal in something that has been negotiated for years. It is time for the United States to lead, and now is the time to conclude negotiations on TPP.

“Unfortunately, the conclusion of negotiations in Atlanta has been delayed by a handful of interests who stand to greatly benefit from TPP, but have decided instead to continue milking the system with their subsidies and protectionist measures, rather than embrace the twenty-first century principles envisioned by TPP negotiators and supporters. Just like past TPP negotiations, hopes had been high this week for conclusion of TPP, only to see talks undermined by threats of political repercussion by industries who care more about protecting their domestic interests instead of ensuring long-term sustainable economic growth through global competition. Their actions have a direct impact on industries like the U.S. beef industry, which has embraced competition and the need for a level playing field and expanded market access.

“We remain hopeful that our negotiators will immediately conclude negotiations and we will see a final TPP deal which benefits both the economic engines of commerce and rural America. We all benefit from greater market access and the competition for a growing consumer base. It is time to move forward. The clock is ticking, and the status quo is unacceptable.”


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