Stock dog clubs feature herding skills |

Stock dog clubs feature herding skills

Outback Stock Dog Association and NCTA Stock Dog Club Trial dogs and handlers included, from left, Tripp and Sonny Mahurin, Thayer, Kan.; Slik and Bob Wagner, Nunn, Colo.; Jean with Tim Gifford, Harrisburg, Neb.Several handlers entered two or three dogs with 54 entries overall at the NCTA indoor arena. Photo by Tilford/NCTA News

Curtis, Neb. – Livestock dogs and their handlers from Nebraska and surrounding states gained a few dog handling tips and several awards at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture and Outback Stock Dog Association Clinic and Trial in Curtis.

The 54 entries saw veterans and newcomers topping ranks in four categories for their dogs handling farm and ranch livestock using low-stress techniques, said Judy Bowmaster-Cole, NCTA Stock Dog Club advisor.

“We had a rewarding weekend on campus with participants and their dogs, and a great turnout of spectators who learned more about how they can use stock dogs on their farm or ranch,” Bowmaster-Cole noted.

Nationally-ranked dog handler, Tim Gifford, shared training tips for handlers and coached their dogs in a daylong clinic on Saturday.

The NCTA club and regional Outback group hosted the clinic and trials which featured winning duos from Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado.

A rancher from Harrisburg, Nebraska, Gifford and his dog, Jean, then won first place amid 14 entries in the Open Class trial on Sunday.

Sonny Mahurin of Thayer, Kan., and his dog, Tripp, took Intermediate Class honors among the largest field of the contest amid 19 entries.

Returning stock dog handler to the NCTA indoor arena was Bob Wagner of Nunn., Colo., and Slik who topped the 16 dogs in the Nursery Class.

Collegiate members attend the clinic on Saturday, with five members in Sunday’s trials. Kayla Reynolds of Litchfield and her Border Collie, Suede, earned the top score. Others were: Brooke Blowers, Arnold, Freckles; Brenden Bose, Stamford, Charlie; Sydney Boden, Ord, Rosco; and Anna Wilkens, Waverly, Violet.

More information is available from Bowmaster-Cole at 1-800-3-CURTIS or

– Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

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