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ND’s Sen. Heitkamp comments on Farm Bill

“We are so close to a deal on the Farm Bill – the closest we have been in the past three years. And I know both Republicans and Democrats want to reach a compromise bill. We need to keep the pressure on, and passing a one month extension of the Farm Bill isn’t necessary and doesn’t help keep the momentum going. The U.S. Agriculture Secretary has said that dairy prices won’t spike as long as Congress passes a Farm Bill in early January. And the chairs of both the Senate and House Agriculture Committees have said a final Farm Bill should be ready at the beginning of the new year. I had hoped the House would also want to get this bill done before Christmas and continue to work on it, just as the Senate is doing. Now is the time to stop kicking the can down the road. It’s time to get a final deal on the Farm Bill across the finish line. I’m working to make that happen.”

A member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Heitkamp played a key role in passing a bipartisan Farm Bill through the Senate in June. Members of Congress are now working to combine the Senate and House of Representative-passed bills into a compromise bill that can pass in both chambers.

–Senator Heitkamp

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