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NDSU Feedlot School slated for Jan. 18-19

The school is for anyone interested in learning more about feedlot production, nutrition, waste management and marketing.

North Dakota State University’s Carrington Research Extension Center will hold its annual NDSU Feedlot School on Jan. 18-19, 2017.

This intensive course is for cattle producers, feeders, backgrounders, feed industry personnel, animal health-care suppliers and anyone else who is interested in learning more about feedlot production, nutrition, waste management and marketing.

“Feeding cattle is a decades-old business with lots of new techniques,” says Karl Hoppe, area Extension Service livestock specialist at the center. “Making cattle feeding profitable is usually a result of doing many things right, not just one thing better. The Feedlot School helps identify the areas for improvement, ranging from feed bunk management to health to business planning to marketing.”

Feedlot school topics will include:

Why feed cattle in North Dakota

Animal nutritional requirements

Implant technologies

Feed additives

Feed processing/nutrient optimization

Ration formulation/feeds/nutrient analysis

Livestock stewardship/beef quality assurance

Facility development and management

Disease diagnosis, treatments and health programs

Manure and nutrient management

Carcass quality and marketing on the grid

Using market information for strategic planning


Employer/employee relations

The school also will include a commercial feedlot tour and a tour of the Research Extension Center’s livestock facilities.

Faculty from NDSU’s Animal Sciences Department, and the Carrington and North Central Research Extension Centers, as well as others who have extensive experience working with northern Plains feedlots, are instructors for the school.

“The regional cattle experts who teach at the school provide a good overview of management for North Dakota feeders, and the outreach or interaction with the participants continues for years after the school,” Hoppe adds.

The registration fee is $150 per person or $200 for two people from the same operation. All meals and a 3-inch, three-ring feedlot school binder are included with the registration. The deadline to register is Jan. 11. The fee does not include lodging.

Participants must make their own lodging arrangements. Lodging is available at the Chieftain Conference Center, 701-652-3131; Carrington Inn and Suites, 701-652-3982; or Cobblestone Inn, 701-652-3000.

For more information about the course or to register, contact Joel Lemer, an Extension agent in Foster County, at 701-652-2581 or joel.lemer@ndsu.edu.

The Carrington Research Extension Center is 3.5 miles north of Carrington on U.S. Highway 281.

–NDSU Extension


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