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NDSU field days to focus on traditional agronomy, barley

North Dakota State University’s Dickinson Research Extension Center has organized two field days for agricultural producers in the region. A barley-centered field day will be held July 7, while a traditional agronomy field day will be held July 13.

Held in conjunction with the summer meeting of the North Dakota Barley Council county representatives, the July 7 field day will focus on barley production in the region and will take place at Arrow K Farms in Billings County, west of Belfield. The half-day program begins at 1 p.m. MST.

“Barley is an important cash crop for agronomic producers,” says Ryan Buetow, DREC area Extension cropping systems specialist. “The intended goal of this event is to provide educational information to barley growers, brewers, maltsters and agronomists.”

Richard Horsley, head of NDSU’s Department of Plant Sciences, will be the featured speaker at the event.

Barley field day topics are:

Barley variety development

Yield components and their impact on the end product

The history of beer

From grain to glass: Perspective from a home brewer

Managing barley disease

Marketing barley

The DREC summer agronomy field day on July 13 begins at 8:30 a.m. MST at the DREC headquarters in Dickinson.

Agronomy field day topics are:

Weed identification

Basics of tile drainage for southwestern North Dakota

A new look at seeding rates in small grains

Research project updates

Mitigating herbicide resistance

Disease management and issues to watch

Marketing year-round: An outlook and update

The field days are free to attend, but registration is required for the barley field day. Individuals can register online at http://doodle.com/poll/uddpz6rpnteckxrn or email Buetow at ryan.buetow@ndsu.edu with the subject title Barley.

Continuing education units are available for certified crop advisers.

For more information about the field days or research being conducted at the DREC, contact Buetow at ryan.buetow@ndsu.edu or 701-456-1106.

–NDSU Extension

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