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NDSU: Select Cows for Profit Potential

Performance data and genetics can help producers select the right cows for their operation. Photo courtesy of James Odermann, Belfield, N.D.

The NDSU Extension Service is hosting workshops to help producers use performance records and genetics to select the right cows.

How to raise and select profitable cows will be the focus of four workshops the North Dakota State University Extension Service is sponsoring in November.

NDSU’s Central Grasslands Research Extension Center at Streeter will host the “SmartBeef Continuing Education: What Makes a Profitable Cow?” workshop on Nov. 1 and 8. The NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center will host the same workshop on Nov. 9 and 16.

“One of the major success points for beef production is the productive capacity of cows,” says Kris Ringwall, director of the Dickinson center and an Extension beef specialist.

“Knowledge is profit,” adds Ringwall, who will lead the workshops. “These workshops are designed to help select cows to increase pounds and income.”

Live cows, which are part of a study initiated through the Dickinson Research Extension Center and NDSU Beef Cattle Research Complex, will be included in the workshops.

“Producers will be asked to view the cows and select their herd based on the visual observation,” Ringwall says. “We will return to the classroom and then review performance records and genetics from the cows.”

The workshop will give producers insights into how to use data to assist with selecting cows.

“These workshops will show how producers can use benchmarks to create successful outcomes for beef production,” Ringwall says.

Workshop attendees should bring bull registration numbers to the workshop.

“We will review bull data and see how herd genetics can be impacted through data review, evaluation and benchmarks,” Ringwall says.

The workshops begin at 10 a.m. local time and will continue through midafternoon on each day at each location. To preregister, contact the research center where you plan to attend the workshop. The registration fee is $25 per person.

–NDSU Extension

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