NE extension figures 2014 Farm Bill Panhandle payments

Jessica Groskopf

Corn program payments for base acres enrolled in ARC-CO by county.

Nebraska farms have received an estimated $550 million in farm-program payments from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency as of Nov. 3 under new programs authorized in the Agricultural Act of 2014.

Payments have been made to farms in the Nebraska Panhandle with corn, sorghum and oat base enrolled in the County Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC -CO) program. No Price Loss Coverage (PLC) payments were made in Nebraska.

ARC-CO payments are triggered when the average county revenue for a covered commodity is less than the county revenue guarantee. The county revenue guarantee is 86 percent of the county benchmark revenue (the 5-year Olympic marketing-year average price for the covered commodity multiplied by the 5-year Olympic average county yield of the covered commodity).

The actual county revenue is the actual average county yield of the covered commodity multiplied that year’s Market Average price. The payment rate for that particular covered commodity is equal to the crop’s benchmark guarantee minus the crop’s actual revenue, up to 10 percent of the county benchmark revenue.

A payment for a farm is calculated using 85 percent of the specific crop base acres on the farm times the payment rate times the producer’s share.

For Banner, Dawes, Duel, Garden, Kimball, North Sioux and Sheridan counties, corn payments were calculated separately for irrigated and non-irrigated ground. In Blaine, Box Butte, Cherry, Morrill, Scotts Bluff, South Sioux, and Thomas counties, there was a single corn payment calculated for corn base acres.

Corn payments for the 2014 crop varied greatly across the panhandle, ranging from no payment to $80.94 per base acre. This variation in payment was caused by the difference in the respective county’s 2014 actual average county yield and the 5-year Olympic average county yield.

Producers with grain sorghum base in Blaine, Cherry, and Thomas counties will receive $31.91 per qualifying base acre.

Cherry county farms with oat base will receive $11.24 per qualifying irrigated base acre and $18.85 per qualifying non-irrigated base acre.

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–UNL Extension