Nebraska Cattlemen applauds Legislature for restoring Nebraska brand committee funds |

Nebraska Cattlemen applauds Legislature for restoring Nebraska brand committee funds

LINCOLN, NE (May 3, 2017) – Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) appreciates the 105th Legislature for their vote to restore $100,000 of producer money to the Nebraska Brand Committee. This action occurred on Tuesday during debate on General File. “The monies that were proposed to be taken are producer dollars that exclusively fund the brand committee efforts. We are delighted to hear that those dollars have been restored.” Stated Troy Stowater, NC President.

NC sincerely thanks Senator John Kuehn (District 38, Heartwell) for his leadership in introducing and advocating for the amendment that lead to restoring the $100,00 to the Nebraska Brand Committee. His efforts as a member of the Appropriations Committee and in leading the floor debate were instrumental in this effort, and we appreciate he and other Senators who spoke up for the interests of cattle producers.

Nebraska Cattlemen members contributed largely to this success as their communication with State Senators solidified legislative support.

The Nebraska Brand Committee is a cash agency and its revenue is garnered from the inspection fees paid by producers. The cash fund grows during the months of cattle movement from fall through spring but then is used to meet payroll in the leaner summer months when smaller numbers of cattle are inspected. “The brand committee has worked hard to address the concerns that were raised in the audit during the Summer of 2016. To do so NBC needs upgraded technology and equipment.” says Jerry Kuenning, the Nebraska Brand Committee Chairman. “Having that money pulled from our organization would have made it impossible to follow through with the needed changes. We greatly appreciate the effort put forth by the legislature in restoring the $100,000. The entire industry should be proud of all their accomplishments.”

–Nebraska Cattlemen