Nebraska Cattlemen announce legislative priorities |

Nebraska Cattlemen announce legislative priorities

Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) announced its priorities for the 2015 Legislative Session. In addition to LB 85 and LB 623 (previously announced), NC will support LB 106 and monitor various tax bills related to property tax relief.

“Nebraska Cattlemen looks forward to working with members of the Nebraska Legislature to lower property taxes and provide the beef industry opportunities for growth,” said NC President Dave McCracken. “Our priority bills will help to ensure our state’s economy will continue to benefit from a thriving beef industry.”

Nebraska Cattlemen Priorities

LB106, introduced by Senator Dan Watermeier, adopts the Livestock Operation Siting and Expansion Act and changes powers of counties relating to zoning.

LB 85, introduced by Senator Al Davis, is a bill regarding fees for the Nebraska Brand Committee. In addition to voicing support for the bill earlier this week, NC encouraged the Nebraska Brand Committee (NBC) and members of the Nebraska Agriculture Committee to review the fee structure as written and suggested an amendment be made to reflect equitable payment for equitable services received across the beef cattle industry.

LB 623, introduced by Senator Jeremy Nordquist, provides immigrants with deferred action for childhood arrival (DACA) status the opportunity to obtain Nebraska driver’s licenses.

A number of tax relief measures will be monitored to ensure comprehensive property tax relief for beef producers throughout the state. NC’s Legislative Committee prioritized the following tax relief concepts which will dictate the group’s support:

a) Increased money in the property tax credit cash fund

b) Decreased valuations for real agricultural property

c) Modifications to the current school funding equation to assist rural school districts in receiving more consistent revenue

d) Long term property tax reduction solutions.

–Nebraska Cattlemen