Nebraska Cattlemen Disaster Relief Fund is Now Accepting Applications for Aid |

Nebraska Cattlemen Disaster Relief Fund is Now Accepting Applications for Aid

Accepting Applications Until September 30, 2022

LINCOLN, NE (August 2, 2022) – Today, the leadership of the Nebraska Cattlemen Disaster Relief Fund announced they are now accepting applications until September 30, 2022, for aid from beef cattle producers who were affected by all fires reported through the Nebraska Emergency Management Association (NEMA) Watch Center.

Applicants may submit documentation for agriculture-related expenses not paid for by insurance or other governmental sources related to fencing, pens, agricultural structure repair, feed, livestock removal, or additional necessary agricultural-related costs directly associated with rebuilding from the natural disaster.

Applicants must demonstrate that expenses/losses incurred were related to agriculture production and directly caused by recent wildfires in the state of Nebraska.

Submitted applications will be reviewed individually by a committee convened by the Nebraska Cattlemen Disaster Relief Fund, and eligibility of expenses will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please check with a tax professional for concerns regarding tax liability resulting from the payments from the fund.

Applications must be completed and have all required documentation to be considered. Documentation can include copies of receipts for purchases of supplies, invoices for repairs, photos of the damage, etc.

Membership with Nebraska Cattlemen is NOT required for an applicant to receive relief. To learn more about how to apply, visit

For any questions, please contact the Nebraska Cattlemen office at (402) 475-2333 or email

–Nebraska Cattlemen

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