Nebraska Cattlemen elect leader

LINCOLN, Neb. (December 14, 2016) – The 2016 Annual Nebraska Cattlemen Convention and Trade Show wrapped up Friday, December 9th in Kearney, Nebraska. With well over 600 in attendance coupled with growing educational opportunities, this year’s convention and trade show was a huge success.

Combining socializing and high quality beef, annual convention is the time for the NC membership to review and discuss current and new policy. It offers membership the opportunity to nominate and elect new council and committee leaders. We’d like to congratulate the following on their new positions:


President: Troy Stowater, Wayne

President Elect: Galen Frenzen, Fullerton

Vice President: Mike Drinnin, Clarks

Past President & Nominations Chair: Barb Cooksley, Anselmo

Member Services Vice Chairman

Region 4: Steven Fish, Norfolk

Region 6: Jolene Messinger, McCook

Council Leaders

Farmer/Stockman Chair: John Lange, Bruning

Feedlot Chair: Jerry Kuenning, Imperial

Feedlot Vice Chair: Dean Wilken, Bloomfield

Seedstock Chair: Mark Goes, Odell

Seedstock Vice Chair: Larry Dybdal, Newcastle

Committee Leaders

Brand & Property Rights Chair: Terry Cone, Burwell

Brand & Property Rights Vice Chair: Duane Gangwish, Wayne

Education Vice Chair: Andrew Uden, Lincoln

Natural Resources & Environment Chair: Chris Schluntz, Republican City

Natural Resources & Environment Vice Chair: Jacob Mayer

–Nebraska Cattlemen