Nebraska Cattlemen pleased with passage of LR 399 |

Nebraska Cattlemen pleased with passage of LR 399

Immigration reform is an issue of great importance to many in agriculture, especially to Nebraska Cattlemen. Due to needed updates in current immigration laws and that the beef industry relies on immigrants as a substantial portion of its labor force, Nebraska Cattlemen supports federal and state immigration reform.

On April 10, LR399 introduced by Senator John Wightman, a resolution which calls upon Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform, was passed. Nebraska Cattlemen is extremely pleased with the passage of LR 399 and the support of the following Nebraska State Senators:

Senator Greg Adams

Senator Brad Ashford

Senator Kathy Campbell

Senator Tanya Cook

Senator Sue Crawford

Senator Mike Gloor

Senator Ken Haar

Senator Tom Hansen

Senator John Harms

Senator Burke Harr

Senator Sara Howard

Senator Rick Kolowski

Senator Steve Lathrop

Senator Amanda McGill

Senator Heath Mello

Senator Jeremy Nordquist

Senator Paul Schumacher

Senator Kate Sullivan

Senator Norm Wallman

Senator John Wightman

–Nebraska Cattlemen

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