Nebraska Cattlemen recognize 2010 Top Hand Members |

Nebraska Cattlemen recognize 2010 Top Hand Members

Nebraska Cattlemen is pleased to recognize their Top Hand Members for 2010. The Top Hand Members are current members that recruit others to be members of Nebraska Cattlemen. Every year those members who recruit more than three individuals and have a total dues dollar amount of more than $500 are recognized by their fellow members with this award.

This year Dan Benes of Valparaiso, NE, was the highest achieving recruiter, soliciting 33 new members. Other high achievers are Scott Knobbe, West Point; Delbert Puls, Murry; Bill Weaver, Beaver City; Scott Ruzicka, Verdigre; and Robin-Coulter Lapaseotes, Bridgeport.

In 2010 nearly 300 new Nebraska Cattlemen members were recruited by 73 members of the association. It is important to remember the services Nebraska Cattlemen provides Nebraska beef producers some of which include monitoring environmental issues, working with the state legislature, promoting the Beef Quality Assurance Program, educating producers on current events and upcoming issues.

“It is important to become a member to have professional presence in Lincoln and Washington D.C.,” stated Chuck Folken, Nebraska Cattlemen President. “Many farmers and ranchers are short on time and this is where Nebraska Cattlemen comes into play because Nebraska Cattlemen can speak up for you.”

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