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LINCOLN, Neb. (Mar. 7, 2017) – Nebraska Cattlemen is saddened by the loss of Clayton Yeutter, an honorary member who made a huge impact in the U.S. agricultural industry.

Secretary Yeutter was a Eustis, Nebraska, native and former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under President George H.W. Bush. During his tenure at USDA, he helped steer the 1990 Farm Bill through Congress, which included a series of market-based reforms in the wake of the 1980s farm crisis. Secretary Yeutter also served under President Ronald Reagan as the U.S. Trade Representative, leading negotiations on the U.S. Canada Free Trade Agreement, known today as NAFTA. Former U.S. Trade Ambassador Darci Vetter, a fellow Nebraska native, recently described Secretary Yeutter as a “mentor and a friend.”

“Secretary Yeutter laid the groundwork that allowed Nebraska to become today’s top beef exporting state. He was a tough negotiator who greatly expanded market access for U.S. ag exports, said Troy Stowater, NC President.

–Nebraska Cattlemen

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