Neb. Cattlemen in support of OIG audit report |

Neb. Cattlemen in support of OIG audit report

LINCOLN, Neb. (December 20, 2016) – The Office of Inspector General last week released its audit following an extensive and thorough investigation of the animal handling procedures of the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center. The audit results prove the high internal standards of the dedicated and talented scientists and researchers at U.S. MARC have been and continue to be upheld.

“The accusations have been painful and unfairly played out in the media. Justly, the impartial OIG audit report has proven the men and women at U.S. MARC have always cared for the animals to the highest standards,” said Nebraska Cattlemen Executive Vice President Pete McClymont. “Animal rights activists have proven once again their calculated actions were meant to damage animal agriculture by maligning the reputation of the world’s preeminent authority on livestock and meat protein research.”

U.S. MARC is driven to provide food security and sustainability to producers and the growing world population. Nebraska Cattlemen members genuinely appreciate and thank the dedicated staff at U.S. MARC that have endured this unfortunate incident.

“One would hope the prejudiced attacks by animal rights activists against U.S. MARC and meat protein producers would now end but that would be a naïve belief. Producers must remain vigilant to animal rights activists,” stated McClymont.

–Nebraska Cattlemen


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