NeFU is accepting flood relief donations

Lincoln, NE – Nebraska Farmers Union (NeFU) Foundation President Jeff Kirkpatrick announced the foundation will be accepting tax deductible donations to support flood relief efforts for family farmers, ranchers, and members of rural communities.

“Our hearts go out to the thousands of Nebraskans who suffered both financial and emotional losses as the result of the recent unprecedented 500 year floods in the eastern part of our state and severe blizzards in western Nebraska. Our foundation board will do our best to put the donated money where it will do the most good,” said NeFU Foundation President Jeff Kirkpatrick.

NeFU President and NeFU Foundation Secretary Hansen said, “This is the most severe and widespread natural disaster in Nebraska in our lifetime and in the history of our state. The frozen ground, heavy snow base, the thicker than normal river ice due to the coldest February on record, and the heavy spring rains set in motion river flooding that set all-time flood stage records for the Missouri, Platte, Elkhorn, and Loup rivers as well as many of their tributaries at the same time. The financial losses for agriculture are currently estimated at $400 million for livestock and $440 million for cropland. By the time farmsteads, equipment, and stored grains, most of which will not be covered by insurance is counted, the loss numbers will grow.”

Kirkpatrick continued, “In addition to the loss of at least five lives, many rural people who lost their homes also lost personal family photos, mementos, and records whose values cannot be measured in dollars. We continue to be amazed at the overwhelming response of Nebraskans to pitch in and help their friends, families, and neighbors in their time of need. In addition, we thank all the organizations and people from around the country who have called and contacted us to ask what they can do to help. We will put your donations to good use.”

NeFU Foundation Secretary Hansen concluded, “Please make out checks to: Nebraska Farmers Union Foundation, and send them to 1305 Plum Street, Lincoln, NE 68502. If you want to make contributions in some other manner, contact the office at (402) 476-8815, or email

Nebraska Farmers Union Foundation is the organizational partner to Nebraska Farmers Union which is a general farm organization with 3,500 farm and ranch family members dedicated to protecting and enhancing the economic well-being and quality of life for family farmers and ranchers and their rural communities. Since 1913, Nebraska Farmers Union has helped organize over 445 cooperatives.

–Nebraska Farmers Union