Nebraskans take part in 2019 YCC |

Nebraskans take part in 2019 YCC

Lincoln, NE – Nebraska Cattlemen today announced the following local beef industry professionals participated in the 2019 Young Cattlemen’s Conference (YCC) held last week in Lincoln.

Quentin Dailey, Lexington

Marc Hanson, Fairbury

Kat Kennedy, Purdum

Clayton Krause, Hemingford

Dane Miller, Wisner

Grant Potadle, Herman

Misty Stauffer, Ashland

Brock Terrell, Hay Springs

Janessa Updike, St. Paul

Tony Elting, Hebron

“The YCC is an excellent opportunity for any young producer to learn more about the Nebraska Cattlemen and the beef industry in whole” states 2019 YCC attendee, Tony Elting

“It was an honor and privilege to be with the 2019 YCC class in Lincoln. I feel the Nebraska Cattlemen Association is the voice for large and small operations throughout the industry and the YCC is the future of the organization.” states 2019 YCC attendee, Clayton Krause

“This past week allowed me to gain a greater appreciation and confidence in the safety of the products we are producing, as well as gaining further insight into the challenges our industry is facing at all levels of production” said 2019 YCC attendee, Quentin Dailey.

“It was great to see the end side of the industry, It takes a lot of people to feed the world and I’m glad it starts with us. Eat Beef!” states 2019 YCC attendee, Kat Kennedy

“My first week with YCC was amazing. The program provides the opportunity to learn different aspects of the beef industry, like processes of value-added products and legislation. The members of the group are diverse, allowing us to learn from each other and grow relationships with others that care about the beef industry. I am thankful and excited to be able to participate in YCC.” states 2019 YCC attendee, Janessa Updike.

“It was a great opportunity to get to tour a handful of Cargill protein plants this week and see a side of the industry a lot of us don’t know near enough about. In addition, it was very interesting getting to spend some time at the capital, conversing with current state senators and NC staff about some of the challenges they face and the things they do for Nebraska farmers, feeders , and ranchers. I’m very excited to be a part of this years young cattleman conference and look forward to the next couple years” states 2019 YCC attendee, Dane Miller.

“As a member of the Nebraska Cattlemen YCC 2019 class I am excited to learn about giving back to an industry that has impacted my life in so many ways. It’s always a great experience to network with others who have a desire to become leaders and I look forward to working along side of them as we continue to help grow the beef industry in Nebraska” states Misty Stauffer, 2019 YCC attendee.

“YCC has been a grateful experience to have a firsthand opportunity to look at the other facets of the beef industry. It was great to see how safe our industry is and the great care they take in it” states Marc Hanson, 2019 YCC attendee.

YCC nominees are accepted from Nebraska Cattlemen affiliate organizations throughout the state and selected by committee. Each class is limited to ten individuals who make a two-year commitment to participate in the leadership program, including two four-day intensive learning sessions. The 2019 class will return to Lincoln for the second session, focusing on legislative issues, in early 2020.

The goal of the Young Cattlemen’s Conference is to expose young and emerging leaders to a variety of areas of the beef industry and provide them with necessary leadership tools. During the two-year program, YCC members are provided training on professional communication, given the opportunity to tour multiple Nebraska-based agriculture production facilities and learn to navigate state agencies and legislative processes.

YCC is the flagship educational program offered to members of Nebraska Cattlemen. The program receives sponsorship from Farm Credit Services and Nebraska Cattlemen Education and Research Foundation and is coordinated by NC Director of Producer Education Bonita Lederer.

–Nebraska Cattlemen