Need a stocking stuffer? Buy a leadership book |

Need a stocking stuffer? Buy a leadership book

B. Lynn Gordon
SDSU Extension Ag Leadership Specialist
Lynn Gordon, SDSU Ag Leadership Specialist/Assistant Professor

As you start shopping for the holiday season is there someone on your list that is an avid reader? If so, why not consider buying them a book on leadership to read over the winter months? There are many great books that address the topic of leadership that are great reads. Many address leadership directly and some address aspects of leadership as the primary focus, such as authentic leadership, how be a better leader, characteristics of a leader, improving your leadership skills, etc., and there are many books which address leadership more from a business, management, entrepreneurship, or employee management aspect. There is no shortage of books that cover leadership topics so you should be able to find one that is a great fit for the person you have on your list. Here are just a few that you might want to consider:

1) Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek hit the leadership speaking and authorship world full steam with his book “Start with Why?” Now in this book, he focuses on leadership shifting on building trust and safety and does this by sharing with he has learned from military and corporate leaders.

2) Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn – by popular leadership author John Maxwell. Maxwell explains that while a business may experience a loss, the take home message is what the business learns from that loss and how they turn it into a gain.

3) Person of Influence – another book with a business focus by John Maxwell. The book is a good starter book for someone who wants to learn more on how to begin that process of understanding others, realize the importance in leadership is not just being a communicator but is actually the ability to be a listener and especially in the world of business, be that employer that helps others reach their potential.

4) The 80/20 Manager is a focused more on management written by Richard Koch. Koch suggests his approach to management is 80 percent of the results come from 20 percent of the causes.

5) Wooden on Leadership – Whether you are a college basketball fan or not, John Wooden’s book; How to create a winning organization is a must read. As 10-time NCAA basketball champion he was beloved by UCLA players and fans and developed a pyramid of success illustrating 25 behaviors he believed were critical to personal achievement.

Enjoy your time shopping for leadership books this holiday season and with Amazon recording more than 20,000 books on the topic, you may pick one of these listed here or you may end up filling that stocking with another interesting book, and maybe even treat yourself to a book as well. The take home message is reading about this topic, whether you or the person you bought the book for had thought much about it, it’s a great chance to open your mind to some new viewpoints from authors who have experienced leadership, found ways that worked or ways they learned that worked and ways that didn’t, and give you some new items to try at work or at home. Happy reading.