New campaign promotes benefits of conventional beef production |

New campaign promotes benefits of conventional beef production

A group of animal health manufacturing executives is launching a marketing campaign touting the economic and environmental benefits of conventional beef production, over those of grass-only or natural beef production systems. The Growth Enhancement Technology Information Team (GET IT) said the program will provide beef producers with facts about the “eco-friendly and eco-nomical” benefits of conventional beef production.

A key campaign message is that conventional beef production is environmentally friendly compared to grass-only or natural beef production systems. GET IT Chairman Paul Parker said that cattle “finished on grain-based rations, using growth-enhancing technologies are more land efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” GET IT cites an Iowa State University study which showed, among other things, that conventional grain-fed beef production reduces by two-thirds the amount of land needed to produce a pound of beef, compared to grass-only, natural beef production.

The GET IT campaign will include both print and electronic advertising in major beef industry publications, electronic newsletters and web sites. More information is available by visiting


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