New checkoff-funded research publications available |

New checkoff-funded research publications available

New checkoff-funded materials from two Research, Education and Innovation (REI) program areas are now available. The Product Enhancement team has created a new fact sheet to describe the recently revised online “Beef Cutout Calculator,” an interactive tool that allows users to view yields for selected carcass components, as well as current USDA-reported values.

The team has also reported on the cull-cow market, which comprises a significant portion of U.S. beef production. In fact, culled market cows, cows culled from cow-calf and seedstock producers as well as dairy operations, have consistently accounted for 17 to 19 percent of all cattle harvested in the U.S. each year. For most beef and dairy producers, marketing culled cows translates to 15 to 25 percent of their annual income and clearly contributes to the profitability of their operation. For years, cattle producers have been searching for ways to increase the profitability of their culled cows. The checkoff’s research team commissioned Dale R. Woerner, Ph.D., Colorado State University, to create a white paper, “Beef from Market Cows,” which addresses changes in the production of market-cow products.

The Beef Safety Research team has also completed four new fact sheets to educate cattle producers on pre-harvest safety issues: (1) Overview of Pre-Harvest Safety Interventions (2) Advancing the Pre-Harvest Commitment (3) A Basic Look at Salmonella and, (4) A Basic Look at E. coli Find the fact sheet at:

“The REI Group continues to do important work that benefits producers, the checkoff, and the industry as a whole. It is the REI research findings that give us the solid footing on which to defend our product,” said Craig Uden, chairman of the checkoff’s Joint Research, Education and Innovation Group and feeder from Cozad, NE. “Checkoff communications and marketing programs rely on REI discoveries to not only defend the industry but also to communicate beef’s taste and nutrition benefits. Having this unified perspective, we are able to quickly react to economic and environmental factors that can potentially affect industry profitability.”

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