New extension bulletin: Filth fly control issue |

New extension bulletin: Filth fly control issue

Filth fly issues and control methods are recommended in a new publication from the University of Wyoming Extension.

Filth flies include houseflies, flesh flies and blow flies.

Associated data sheets and forms are included in “Wyoming School Integrated Pest Management for Filth Flies,” B-1276.

“Using integrated pest management (IPM) can lead to reduced costs, greater safety and more sustainable management of pests in and around schools,” said John Connett, school IPM specialist and one of the authors. “The steps to IPM are easy to follow, repeatable for all pests. In general, IPM is an ongoing activity. This bulletin explains identification of several filth flies and focuses on the primary elements of filth fly prevention.”

Other authors include Alex Latchininsky and Scott Schell, extension entomologists. All are in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The free bulletin is available by going to and clicking on Publications on the left-hand side of the page. Type the bulletin name or number into the search field to access the bulletin. Clicking on the title provides access to the bulletin’s website or pdf.

–UW Extension


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